Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brand Spanking New LSF Publications Site

Do check out the brand spanking new LSF Publications site!

The site has been set up so you can either buy spanky E-Books from Amazon, or direct from the LSF Publications site. If you buy direct from LSF, there is one big advantage because the E-books are made available in other formats including ePub, and Mobi. And for anyone out there who doesn't have one of these new fangled E-readers, you can opt for a PDF file to read on your computer.

All these file formats and different kinds of e-readers can be a tad confusing at first! In a nutshell, ePub is a format compatible with many smartphones and eReader devices including Nook, Kobo and iPad; whereas Mobi is the native format for all Kindle eReaders and tablets. Anyone with Adobe Acrobat software (it's free) can open up a portable document format (PDF) on a PC or Mac.

As far as LSF Publications is concerned - watch this space, because considerably more material will be added over the coming weeks and months, and all the e-books have great cover designs, and their contents are professionally assembled and edited.

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