Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New E-Book - The Green Man

If you like spanking Al Fresco and enjoy spanking stories with a dash of romance and a supernatural undercurrent thrown in to the mix, then do check out The Green Man.

The Green Man is who ... or what ... Laura discovers when she journeys to Oak Lodge, her house in the country, and revisits her secret place; for deep in the heart of the wood is a clearing where there stands an ancient oak. The sun and dappled shadows play tricks as she imagines she sees a face in the leaves, but the face is as real as the man who leaps down from the tree to entrance her, and spank her and birch her, and couple with her beneath the oak. A few weeks later Laura returns to the village for the May Day celebrations, where there is a giant effigy of Jack In The Green, embodying the vibrant spirit of the wild wood. She meets Adam, and the two have a whirlwind romance. There is only one thing missing from the relationship, and even when Laura plucks up the courage to ask Adam to give her the spankings she craves, he does so in a half hearted fashion - until the pair go together to Laura's secret place, where something both strange, erotic and deeply satisfying takes place.

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  1. Hi Lucy,

    Congrats on a new release. I'll send you something soon about visiting my blog. Sorry to be out of touch.