Monday, February 11, 2013

New E-Book - The Greystones Ghost: an erotic spanking romance

This paranormal spanking romance tells the story of Diana Lewis, an attractive divorcee who buys a house seemingly on a whim. Situated in the hollow of a hill, Greystones exudes charm with its mullioned windows and pretty country garden. The house captures her heart - as does Dan. On one level the story shows exactly how the charismatic Dan brings Diana's secret fantasy to a sizzlingly erotic reality and explores how she deals with the consequences, given that she also has another admirer waiting for an opportunity. On another level, the history of Greystones is slowly revealed, along with a ghost who haunts the place - a ghost who lays on with tawse and cane when he can't get what he wants. Eventually, the ghost is laid to rest and Diana discovers who she really is and what her future holds.

Available from Amazon and also LSF Publications:

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