Thursday, January 03, 2013

New E-Book - The Sorcerer

I hope you enjoy The Sorcerer. The fabulous artwork is by the very talented Overbarrel. When I saw this particular image, I just knew I wanted it to represent The Sorcerer. It fits perfectly. See the wicked gleam in his eye ... and you can practically hear his maniacal laugh as he beats out a tattoo on the proffered rump.

The Sorcerer is the story of Kay who, owing to her father's foolish wager, has to spend a year and a day in the service of Arkham Maksim, a mysterious man with magic powers. Living in his secret and mystical cave hidden deep in the hillside, Kay learns that disobedience and willful behaviour results in punishment. Her relationship with Arkham shifts over time as she comes to care for this enigmatic man; she craves his touch and determines to learn all he has to teach her, be it pain or pleasure or study. But she disobeys him and her careless meddling inadvertently summons The Wild Hunt, intent on pursuing their quarry to the end of time. Arkham comes to her aid, and the pair flee from their primordial pursuers, only to encounter further danger and a ritualistic whipping for Kay. This is an imaginative tale in which Kay learns to embrace her own emerging powers as well as her submission and love for her sorcerer.

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