Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Free F/M Story: The Wrestler

Here's a fun little treat for men who love being disciplined by a stern and beautiful woman ...

The Wrestler

The atmosphere in the crowded hall was electric, and the buzz of excited voices resonated to raucous cheers as the music blared from powerful speakers and the spotlight fixed on the towering figure that thrust through the curtain and stepped onto the walkway. He swaggered forward and paused as the drums rolled, posing for the crowd, playing to his supporters. Muscles flexed and torso rippling, he stood, hands on hips, legs splayed like two mighty tree trunks. His butt was honed and toned, and the clingy red and gold fabric of his tight fitting trunks shimmered, accentuating his hard and prominent buttocks. Glorifying in the adulation, he raised both arms, his hands balled into tight fists.

The crowd went mad. Their cheers echoed wildly around the arena. This was Dynamite Dick. The chant began. Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick! DY-NA-MITE!! Men in the crowd shouted and stomped, and many of the females went hysterical at the glorious vision of towering, pulsing, male testosterone. Hundreds of Dynamite Dick banners were simultaneously waved, their bearers yelling and screeching to welcome their hero.

Dynamite Dick was built like a rock. Weighing 245 pounds, he stood over 6ft 4 tall, his sun-tanned skin gleaming beneath the bright lights. He wore his dark brown hair long and free. The look suited him, complementing his chiseled jaw and strong features. Dynamite Dick was a hunk. He had presence and charisma. He was also one of the best wrestlers on the circuit and had a huge fan base. According to local rumour, his dick was equally huge.

The shouts gave way to boos as the opponent stepped into view. Nikolai Bolokoff strutted through the aperture wearing a black cloak lined with silver and trimmed with fur. He wore big heavy fur-trimmed boots and a fur hat. Bol-o-koff! Bol-o-koff! chanted the crowd in unison. Bolokoff gave them his traditional greeting - a mouthful of abuse and the finger sign.

The crowds roared, clapped, cheered and boo'd as the Russian threw off his hat, revealing a smooth shaven bullet head. At 32, he was two years younger than Dynamite Dick, and a little shorter, lighter, and faster than his adversary. He tossed aside his cloak and strutted along the walkway. He had a powerful physique, with muscles bulging. He too played the crowd expertly, growling and snarling and shaking his fists.

He would periodically give the ladies a thrill by thrusting his hips lewdly. Secretly, he was an exponent of enhancing pouch underwear technology - it's not generally known that this type of unique underwear works via a lift and hold mechanism. So instead of letting the genitals hang down, it instead lifts them up and holds them out to create that so desired big bulge effect that makes you look like a super stud. Thus, whenever Bolokoff thrusted, he appeared to be flaunting a well-packed jumbo sausage rather than a weedy little chipolata. The ladies loved it. Plenty of men did too.

"Ya all DOGS BOLLOCKS!" yelled Bolokoff to the crowd.

The crowd surged as one at the insult, hissing and yelling and stamping their feet on the wooden floor boards. The voluptuous woman on the front row smiled, revealing crimsoned lips and a row of perfect white teeth. Her green eyes glittered with excitement. She jumped to her feet, her hourglass figure swaying as she waved wildly, shouting for Dynamite Dick.

He turned in the ring and met her glance, and grinned confidently. The wrestling match began with Dynamite Dick performing a neat sidestepping move that foiled Bolokoff's offensive attack, and led the latter to a suspected groin injury as he crashed to the ground, and thrashed about wildly. Then Dynamite Dick leapt on top of him and began lifting Bolokoff's head and banging it down again hard. The crowd roared its approval. The woman in the front row jumped up and down, her plentiful breasts bobbing.

But what was this? Bolokoff broke free of the hold and bounded to his feet, and suddenly launched into a missile dropkick which toppled Dynamite Dick, slamming him to the ground. The two men grappled and grunted, egged on by the crowd. Back on his feet again, Dynamite Dick, using the middle rope as leverage, delivered a signature kick to Bolokoff's belly. The Russian bellowed, his face red with anger. Then he stomped round the ring, brandishing his fists, before getting revenge on Dynamite by flooring him and getting him with a leg hook camel clutch.

The Dynamite Dick supporters screamed with unrestrained pleasure as Dynamite Dick broke free of the hold. Then tragedy struck, as Bolokoff gave Dynamite an unexpected head butt that knocked him out cold. The crowd roared and wailed in disbelief. How could this happen? Dynamite should have won, and here he was, laid like a beached whale.

After being doused with a bucket of cold water, Dynamite Dick limped off the stage with his tail between his legs. His bruised body ached all over and his head pounded. He sat in his dressing room feeling morose, and dismissed the attendants.

The door burst open and she walked in. He knew it was her, by the sharp click of her heels and the sensual aroma of her French perfume.

"You lost," she said.

"Yeah. I did."

'"You shall be punished. I lost my bet thanks to your inept stupidity," she snapped.


"Don't mumble. And look at me when you're speaking!" Her eyes glittered ominously.

Dynamite Dick raised his head. "Sorry, Mistress," he said, clearly.

"You will be. Hand me the paddle."

Dynamite Dick groaned. He couldn't face the paddle right now. He had a headache. "Do I have to?" he began, in a pleading tone.

"Get it this minute, or suffer the consequences!"

He complied at once. He knew through painful experience what those consequences might be.

"Right," she said briskly as he handed her a hefty looking wooden paddle. "Trunks off, and go and bend over the chair."

She watched him intently as he peeled off his trunks and strode dutifully towards the chair. He had a wonderful body. She never tired of looking at it. Nor did she baulk at the prospect of tanning that gloriously sculpted bottom. She licked her lips in anticipation as he got into position over the chair, legs apart, bottom thrust out prominently.

There was no warm up. She launched straight in with a succession of hard blows across his buttocks. The wooden paddle was a bastard. She used it expertly, hammering out the blows. His backside quickly turned from pink to red, and still she continued, pounding away, giving his rump a thorough roasting. Both his buttocks were crimsoned and sore, his flesh burning hot. His eyes watered as the pain pierced like red hot needles. His rump felt raw and battered.

When she started paddling the top of his thighs, it took all his resolve not to cry out in pain. The pain was intense. It suffused his whole body. He felt every nerve ending shriek as blow after blow was delivered. Still, he needed it. He deserved it. It had been six weeks since he last lost a match.

The things a guy had to do to get a good spanking.

If you enjoyed that, do look out for some of my other femdom titles, all available on Amazon.

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I must confess I love the cover for the Postmistress and the Gardener. Don't you agree? It's Goddess Sophia, and here website is here.

Happy New Year to you all! Lucy x

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Spanked By Her Music Teacher

Spanked by Her Music Teacher is Now Available.

The things a girl will do to get the attention of the man she has the hots for ... Look out for Spanked by Her Music Teacher, due for publication around the 26th December.

At almost eighteen, Katie has the hots for Steve Kennedy, a music teacher who lives nearby. Persuading her mother to pay for flute lessons, she duly turns up at Mr Kennedy's house with one thing on her mind: seduction. But although Mr Kennedy is far from oblivious to Katie's charms, he focuses on teaching her to play the flute. Katie's behaviour, however, leaves much to be desired, and when she breaks his antique mirror during a bratty temper tantrum she gets his full attention, though not quite in the way she expects. He spanks her bare bottom, and continues to do so for the last ten minutes of each lesson. But Katie doesn't give up easily, and does all she can to get him to take her to bed. It isn't until nine years later that her dreams come to fruition - and the reality is even better than the fantasy, and most definitely worth the wait!

This book also includes the following M/F stories: Rigorous and Disciplined Training; Fat Bottomed Girl; Are You a Good Girl?; The Au Pair; British Justice; A Caning to Remember; The Heavy Hand of the Law; Incriminating Photographs; A Mother and Daughter Spanked by the Babysitter; Mrs Harbottle's Bottom; Naughty Emily; and Psychometrica Electronica.


Spanked by Her Music Teacher is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

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Spanked by Her Music Teacher

The things a girl will do to get the attention of the man she has the hots for ... Look out for Spanked by Her Music Teacher, due for publication around the 26th December.

At almost eighteen, Katie has the hots for Steve Kennedy, a music teacher who lives nearby. Persuading her mother to pay for flute lessons, she duly turns up at Mr Kennedy's house with one thing on her mind: seduction. But although Mr Kennedy is far from oblivious to Katie's charms, he focuses on teaching her to play the flute. Katie's behaviour, however, leaves much to be desired, and when she breaks his antique mirror during a bratty temper tantrum she gets his full attention, though not quite in the way she expects. He spanks her bare bottom, and continues to do so for the last ten minutes of each lesson. But Katie doesn't give up easily, and does all she can to get him to take her to bed. It isn't until nine years later that her dreams come to fruition - and the reality is even better than the fantasy, and most definitely worth the wait!

This book also includes the following M/F stories: Rigorous and Disciplined Training; Fat Bottomed Girl; Are You a Good Girl?; The Au Pair; British Justice; A Caning to Remember; The Heavy Hand of the Law; Incriminating Photographs; A Mother and Daughter Spanked by the Babysitter; Mrs Harbottle's Bottom; Naughty Emily; and Psychometrica Electronica.

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Free F/M Story - The Cherry Cake Incident

Here's a free story for you featuring a very dominant woman giving a deserving male exactly what's required!

The Cherry Cake Incident © Lucy Appleby

Gilbert Bryce considered himself a fortunate man, for he had just obtained a position as second footman at Grantham Hall. Though the hours were long and some of his many duties unpleasant, such as emptying the chamber pots of all the male servants and washing them with a vinegar-soaked rag, (washing the chamber pots that is, not the servants) he applied himself conscientiously to each and every task. By the end of his first week at Grantham Hall, he had gained an in-depth understanding of the way things worked and knew his place within the hierarchy of servants. Below stairs, the Butler Mr Jarvis, and the Housekeeper, Miss Williams were the respected figureheads of authority; there was just one area in which they passed autonomy onto another - and that was the discipline of the household staff.

Discipline was Cook's domain. She was good at it ... very good indeed; she had a certain talent combined with an incessant enthusiasm for doling out punishment on deserving bare bottoms, and she took an even greater pleasure in meting out discipline to the undeserving, particularly when she manipulated situations to her own advantage. No one dared challenge her. She ruled the kitchen with a rod of iron, her face often set in a scowl as she inspected the work of her underlings and found them sadly lacking. Soggy pastry was the most heinous crime - Betty got two dozen with the wooden spoon for her soggy-bottomed lemon tart. Beatrice got six of the best with the slim rattan after her suet dumplings were found to be so heavy they sank (with a little covert help from Cook) to the bottom of the iron stew-pot. Mary was treated to a dose of brine-soaked birch rods for failing to clean the baking trays to Cook's exacting standards, and Lizzy the scullery maid got six stingers with the strap for spilling the ash pan all over Cook's clean kitchen floor, even though Cook herself was responsible for the mishap.

Gilbert quietly absorbed all this and quickly got the measure of Cook. It didn't matter that she was the most unpopular member of staff in the entire household - he adored her. He admired her physical strength, her assertiveness and tenacity, and though her face was plain as a pikestaff, he found himself lusting after her and did his utmost to attract her attention. Yet however hard he tried, he remained firmly below her radar ... until the cherry cake incident.

Cook was most particular about her cakes and kept a vigilant eye on the kitchen and scullery maids to ensure that not one crumb intended for the Master and Mistress of the house found itself into the greedy belly of a servant below stairs. One afternoon, she made a particularly impressive-looking cherry cake and set it on the cake stand to be taken upstairs at tea time, but to her horror the next time she glanced at it, there was a big slice missing. Cook went ballistic! She ranted and raved and gnashed her teeth. She brandished her rolling pin and cursed and threatened. She lined up all the female staff in a long row, and bent them bare-bottomed over her scrubbed pine kitchen table.

Surveying the row of bared posteriors, their owners shaking at the thought of their imminent chastisement, Cook's gimlet eyes narrowed. Since the culprit would not confess, she would punish the lot of them, and it would be a punishment they would not forget in a hurry! Cook smiled thinly and rolled up her sleeves. She retrieved her favourite thick, heavy strap from the nail behind the larder door. It would soon leave some beautiful markings on the pale moons awaiting chastisement. She positioned herself behind the first unfortunate miscreant and raised her arm.

"Wait!!" Gilbert Bryce stepped forward. "I have a confession to make. It was I who stole the cake. Therefore it is I who should be punished."

There came a collective gasp of relief from the owners of the bare bottoms. Cook stared long and hard at Gilbert Bryce. "Prove it," she snapped.

"But - I can't! I've eaten the evidence!" declared Gilbert.

"How very foolish of you," said Cook slyly.

"Well ... I - I am the thief! So punish me and let these innocents go!"

"Not on your nelly," snapped Cook. She elbowed the fat-bottomed Dolly at the end of the row. "Move up girl. Make room for ...?" She looked questioningly at Gilbert.

"Gilbert Bryce, Ma'am."

"Very well, Gilbert Bryce. Bare your bottom and bend over the table. Jump to it. I haven't got all day."

With trembling fingers and a building sense of excitement, Gilbert began unbuttoning his livery. This was it - his dream come true - he was to be disciplined by Cook! This was a day he would cherish forever! He dropped his breeches and bent over the table.

"Stick that rump right out, boy!" Cook swatted it with the palm of her hand. Gilbert almost swooned with pleasure.

But the others gathered around the table in the same undignified pose were not so pleased. They thought it most unfair that they were to be punished for something that Gilbert was responsible for, and they all glared at him, darting looks of contempt and unspoken promises of retribution. Gilbert was oblivious. He arched his back and thrust out his backside, enjoying the feel of the cool air on his naked buttocks. What a shameful spectacle he must make! The thought of such exhibitionism made his cock twitch and pulse. He fervently hoped Cook couldn't see it.

But she had. She reached down and grabbed it in her left hand, giving it a yank. "Despicable creature! What is the meaning of this engorged manhood?"

"Oooo!" squealed Gilbert, shocked to find his fine appendage so cruelly pulled.

In spite of their imminent punishment, the kitchen girls began to giggle and snort with laughter.

"Silence!" bellowed Cook. "Cease that infernal snorting. I will not tolerate it!" As quiet descended like a heavy blanket, Cook reached for her strap. "I shall start with you, Mr Bryce. And I shall finish with you also - you will have a double dose for your thievery. What say you to that?"

"As it pleases you, Cook." Gilbert screwed up his face and held his breath, waiting in an agony of expectation for that first slash of the strap. When it came, his eyes bulged, and his mouth opened wide in shock. He wanted to yell, but he couldn't ... the pain was so intense his vocal chords were paralysed. Down came the strap - again and again, landing heavily with a hearty crack on Gilbert's firm buttocks. At last, a noise erupted from his throat. "Yaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeee!!" he screeched. "Oh! Ow! OW! OWW!"

"Hah!" said Cook. "I see I'm having some effect. Let's give you a few stingers a little lower, shall we?"

"No!" shouted Gilbert. "I'd really rather you didn't. I - Arrrrgh!" He squealed again as the strap bit the under-curve of his buttocks, getting him right in the crease. He shook his haunches in a comical fashion, trying to deflect the pain. He bounced up and down, yelling and wriggling. His poor bottom burned and throbbed. And that wasn't all - Cook still had hold of his cock! She kept tugging at it, using it as a handle to guide him back into position.

Those who were brave enough to lift their heads to observe the proceedings saw a rare thing - Cook with a smile on her face. Oh yes. She was having such fun! She would be sure to give this young man plenty of attention in the future. He was most deserving. Giving him two more cracks with the strap, she then went round the table, meting out six strokes on each of the bare bottoms presented. The kitchen was soon filled with gasps and yelps and hollers. Her mission with the female staff accomplished, Cook bade them cover their strapped bottoms and get on with their work while she finished disciplining Gilbert. Hanging the strap back up, she instead reached for the sturdy rattan and swished it joyously through the air.

Gilbert swallowed. His backside was sore and striped - and now he had to endure the cane! But one look at the wonderfully stern face of his tormentor and he became putty in her hands, anxious to please by sticking his bottom out just as far as it could possibly go. Lines of fire burned into his skin and he wailed out his pain.

"Haha! Not so stoical now, are we boy?" said Cook. "Here - have another one." Down slashed the cane, directly across Gilbert's tortured buttocks.

He hated it. He loved it. It was terrifying. It was wonderful. It was the beginning of a very unique relationship between Gilbert and Cook. However, as stiff and sore as he was after she had done with him, there was to be no respite. Because when Cook popped out to the village on an errand, the kitchen staff turned on Gilbert with vengeance etched over their faces.


"Steal the cake, huh, and get US punished!"

"Punished for something we didn't do!"

"Take off your clothes."

"All of them!"

"Now you'll find out what a real spanking feels like, Gilbert Bryce."

He did too - and he didn't even like cherry cake!

This story is available within the e-book, Bad Boy Story Book 3, available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

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Strict Lady with Cane

It's a fact that submissive men go for strict women. I found this pic on the net. I've no idea who she is, but boy, does she look strict!

I imagine she's quite adept with that cane, striking fear into the hearts of her willing (and maybe not so willing) victims!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cornflakes and Kink

In the late nineteenth century Mr John Harvey Kellogg created Cornflakes, the breakfast cereal many of us have grown up with. But a little digging around reveals that Mr Kellog invented the humble cornflake to prevent masturbation and repress sexual desire, his intent being to present cornflakes as a ‘healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meal.'

Hmmmn, seems that Mr Kellogg, a physician, believed that sex was not only unhealthy, it was an abomination.

He also had an obsession with bowels, and was an advocate of yogurt enemas. You can read more about him at the Museum of Quackery

Well that all sounds like pants to me! What a fruit loop. Now if Mr Kellog had had a dominant wife, he just might have been made to see sense following the application of a damn good spanking.

I'm off to have breakfast now ... a nice slice of TOAST.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Amazon No 1 Bestseller - Lord Ingram's Little Girl by Chloe Carpenter

Well done to Chloe Carpenter. Her latest book, Lord Ingram's Little Girl is her first Victorian erotic novella. It's that rare thing ... packed with hot sex AND a great storyline that carries you along, right to the end. Congratulations Chloe!

Here's the publisher's blurb:

When Frederick Grenville stakes his house in a game of cards, he loses the wager. The Duke of Stanton offers him a way out - Frederick may keep his house in return for his daughter Charlotte, who will be given to the Duke for his sexual pleasures. Having no love for the girl, Frederick agrees to the proposition, and the next morning the Duke sends his son, Lord Ingram to collect the girl. Charlotte is horrified to discover she has been given away to the repugnant Duke, and begs Lord Ingram to help her. He considers this, for he is a man with very specific tastes in women, and Charlotte's appearance and submissive nature appeal to him. Defying his father, he takes Charlotte to one of his secret residences, Stoneleigh Hall. But there is a price to be paid ... Charlotte must obey him at all times and be subject to his rules and discipline.

It soon becomes clear to Charlotte that instead of being the plaything of the father, she is to become the plaything of the son. He installs her in the nursery quarters at Stoneleigh and her clothes are replaced by little girl dresses and early bedtimes. Her new papa does not hesitate to spank and punish her when she disobeys his wishes. But Charlotte finds herself becoming increasingly enamoured with the handsome, decadent Lord Ingram. He awakens her sexual desires and trains her how to please him; and he also plays with her, reads her stories and pampers her, makes her laugh, and indulges her in so many ways... but he never planned to fall in love. His dominance and dashing good looks set Charlotte's heart racing, and the romantic bond between them grows. She learns to enjoy the fun spankings and is happy ... until she finds out about the other women Lord Ingram brought to Stoneleigh Hall. Will their ultimate fate also be hers?

Publisher's note: Lord Ingram's Little Girl is an erotic Victorian novella that includes elements of ageplay and regression, plus detailed sexual scenes and anal play. Explicit punishments are administered to an adult woman; they include spankings, humiliation, corner time, and S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.

Lord Ingram's Little Girl is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I came across this little whip with its cute little devil's tail, perfect for cracking down on bad behaviour ... and then I saw the big boy bull whip next to it. Oo er, that one's not for the faint hearted :D It's certainly the most hazardous of all spanking implements. I'm thinking the dominant female in Gerald and the Ringmistress (in Bad Boy Storybook 3 )has a whip just like it!

I found the uberkinky site with a helpful guide to using whips safely. Well worth a read.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Bad Boy Story Book 3 - Hot off the press!

The Bad Boy Story Book 3 has just been published - a feast for all you submissive men out there. Once again, my thanks to the talented artist RedRump for the fantastic cover art.

Here's the blurb. I hope you enjoy reading the stories :)

This anthology of femdom tales will be enjoyed by anyone interested in being disciplined by a dominant woman. The women disciplinarians in these stories stand for no nonsense as they inflict good old-fashioned spankings to deserving male bottoms.

Flowers for the Wife: Ted is in trouble with his wife Betty for failing to fix the dripping tap. On the pretext of nipping out to the hardware store, he instead sneaks off to the pub to watch the football. Several hours later he decides to buy a bunch of flowers to sweeten Betty up. Unfortunately for Ted, Betty decides corrective measures are called for ... it's roast rump for dinner!

The Pleasure of Punishment: At the age of 42, George lives at home with his mother, but circumstances change when he goes jogging in the woods one night and witnesses a coven of naked female witches. He is stripped and switched, and one of the women takes a very special interest in him ... his life changes drastically from that point on.

Michael and the Shrink: Michael can't believe his luck when he finally discovers the cure for his spanking obsession - hypnotherapy. His therapist can't believe her luck either as she discovers how easily he falls under hypnosis! Are her intentions honourable? Absolutely not! Michael isn't the only one obsessed with spanking.

A Piece of Silver ... and a Damn Good Thrashing: John the blacksmith journeys beyond the woods, where it is rumoured a powerful wizard lives. He hopes the wizard can make Mary the seamstress fall in love with him. Much to his surprise, John discovers instead a beautiful woman with incredible abilities to punish and seduce. A special piece of silver helps transport him back and forth to her house - that is, until it is stolen...

Hilary's Hairbrush: Hilary has reached the end of her tether with her lazy husband John. When he fails to pick her up from the supermarket, she gets the bus home, and finds a large wooden hairbrush wedged between the seats. It seems the perfect thing to help motivate her husband, and she puts it to very good use on his bottom.

The Cherry Cake Incident: Gilbert Bryce is second footman at Grantham Hall. He has seen the cook discipline other staff members and longs to attract her attention, and although she is plain as a pikestaff, he lusts after her. When a slice of cherry cake goes missing, he gets the chance to experience her strap and cane for himself.

Gerald and the Ringmistress: Gerald hates his dull job in the bank, but compensates by having an exciting online relationship with the beautiful, dominant and supremely kinky Josephine. One evening he is given a free ticket to the circus, but when he attends, he finds it is no ordinary circus. The ringmistress hosts a special performance for her all-male audience - who all get soundly spanked, caned and plugged, and prance around like circus ponies.

Read the Small Print: Billy is almost flat broke. He acts on impulse after reading his horoscope and spends his remaining money on a cruise where he attempts to get himself a rich wife. He succeeds, and subsequently signs a marriage contract, but gets far more than he bargained for ... including a very sore bottom.

Bare Bottomed in the Park: Tommy goes to a party, gets blind drunk, and ends up sleeping on a park bench. But the next morning a woman vicar tells him off for having a pee in the bushes. She goes on to chastise him further, with a bare bottom spanking.

Making Amends: When Jake moves from London back to what was the family home in the country, he encounters an old flame, Eva, who he walked out on fifteen years previously. Eva has her own ideas how Jake can make amends, and with the help of her hairbrush she asserts her dominance. Yet still Jake returns for more...

Bad Boy Story Book 3 is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

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Claimed By Her Master ... sexy, sizzling Sci-fi/fantasy romance

Many of you know I use the pen name Abigail Armani for my erotic romance titles, and I'd like to give a heads up to my latest book, Claimed by Her Master. It's a steamy, sexy, imaginative romp with a twist of Sci-fi/fantasy and elements of BDSM, and I loved writing it. Hopefully the readers like it too as it has TEN five star reviews. Thank you, people :)

Here's the publisher's blurb.
Felix Kazinsky is an eccentric scientist, a genius who has built a portal into a distant star system, home to a race known as the Amarans. Amara is a male dominated world where females are few in numbers, a world where females are prized and captured, bought and sold, and used in the pleasure houses of the north. Raids from the north are common, and Felix is tasked by the king to take his teenage daughter, Vanessa, back with him to keep her safe.

When Vanessa eventually returns to Amara she is reunited with Magnus Flyn, the handsome Commander of the king's guard, who claims her for his own. The chemistry between these two sizzles, but Magnus doesn't hesitate in putting his wayward woman over his knee for a much needed spanking. But Vanessa is headstrong, and her disobedience results in her being taken captive and taken to a secret location in the Great Desert to be the plaything of a mysterious man intent on subjecting her to an intimate examination and keeping her for his pleasure.

Will Magnus rescue her in time? How will he deal with the woman he loves? What will life be like with her as his bride...? Filled with action and adventure, sex and romance, this imaginative roller-coaster of a book is a real treat for lovers of dominant men and their feisty females.

Publisher's note: This book is intended for mature audiences as it contains corporal punishment and scenes of a sexual nature.

You can find a complete list of Abigail Armani titles here, And a complete list of the books I've written under the pen name of Lucy Appleby here.

Claimed by Her Master is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Anyone for Figging?: Disciplined by His Landlady

Joe arrives home drunk, and his landlady, Stephanie, is NOT impressed.

She gives him a sound strapping ... and then proceeds to have some fun with a hand of ginger, in the following extract from Disciplined by His Landlady.

Joe panted and squirmed as he bent over the end of the table, his arse smouldering with the licks from that strap. He wanted nothing more than to go and fill a bucket with cold water and sit in it. He knew better than to reach round and rub, so there he remained, his throbbing bottom blazing like a beacon, and as he waited he listened to Stephanie getting something out of the fridge. A moment later, the sound of her heels clicking on the tiled floor got his attention.

"Look what I have for you," said Stephanie gleefully. She thrust something in front of his nose.

"Er... what is it?"

Stephanie grinned wickedly as she brandished the hand of ginger she had prepared earlier. "Ginger."

"Oh. Right." So what?

"Cast your mind back. There's another use for it aside from culinary purposes. Remember we talked about figging?"

"Figging?!" Joe was conscious that his voice had gone up an octave. "You mean, you're going to ... ah, th-that thing ... is going up my ...?"

"Bottom." She nodded, his eyes twinkling. "You got it, honey." There was amusement in her voice as she beheld his expression. "So stick that naughty bottom right out for me to fit your ginger butt plug."

"Oh fuck." Joe gulped, his face flaming with embarrassment, his insides churning with humiliation tinged with a tiny trace of arousal.

"No swearing. Believe me Joe, you really are in no position to be making further mistakes for my punishment book log." She twirled the ginger round in her fingers. "So lovingly prepared and expertly peeled ... and all for you. You lucky boy."


Disciplined by His Landlady is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Monday, April 04, 2016

The Bastard Hairbrush!: Disciplined by His Landlady

Isn't it amazing how many big strong men squeal like a girlie when they are given a dose of the hairbrush?

Joe is no exception. He has committed the heinous crime of leaving the toilet seat up. Read on, from the following extract from Disciplined by His Landlady.

"And why do I look cross?" She scowled at him, her eyes blazing in that way that made him half excited and half fearful.

"Er ... not sure. Could it be something I've done?" He tried to look innocent but he had a nagging feeling he'd somehow messed up. Maybe she'd found the paint splats on her carpet or something. But no, it was far worse than that ...

"You left the toilet seat up. And you splashed the floor with your pee, you filthy, dirty little mongrel."

"Oh. Did I? Ooops. Sorry about that."

"Oh yes, you'll be sorry all right." She pulled out a kitchen chair and sat down on it, patting her lap. "Over you go, Mister. Pants down. It's the hairbrush for you."

Joe looked at the hairbrush and winced. It wasn't the rosewood one, it was bigger and looked much heavier, with a teak finish. It was a yellow-brown wood, a kind of tan coloured. Tan? How very apt, since she's gonna be tanning my poor arse with it. He pulled a face then with a resigned shrug lumbered over her lap.

"What happened to your promise to be obedient? That didn't last very long, did it!"

Stephanie expertly pinioned his legs with her own, making him feel suddenly helpless and defenceless and completely at her mercy. It was scary. But it was kind of delicious at the same time. He was quietly contemplating this dichotomy when the first blow struck. It landed with a hard thud across the centre of his cheeks, and he reacted by opening his mouth and emitting a loud yelp of pain.

"I specifically told you not to forget to lift the seat up..."



"And I told you to put the seat back down when you were through..."



"And I also said no spills on the on the floor!"



Disciplined by His Landlady is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Monday, February 08, 2016

Spanked for Masturbating...

Stephanie catches Joe masturbating and gives him not ony a ticking off, but a spanking too. I'd like to share this extract from Disciplined by his Landlady. Enjoy:)

Ten minutes later, he decided he needed some relief. Shoving the duvet back, he reached down to his boxers and pulled them down. His cock sprang free, jutting out like an iron bar. With half closed eyes he settled down to play with his dick, imagining it was Stephanie's fingers and mouth doing the necessary. He could picture her by his side, massaging his swollen shaft, and gently lowering her head, teasing him with her tongue, before taking his length in her mouth. He groaned, his hips beginning to rock as his hand worked his lubricated shaft. He was close, real close...

And then the light suddenly snapped on.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Jerking off on my sofa?! On my nice clean duvet!" Stephanie stood in the doorway, and she didn't look pleased.

Joe's face crumpled like a discarded paper bag. His high slumped immediately, and his dick shrank in his hand. He opened his mouth to say something, but no sound emerged. He felt his cheeks flame with colour and felt hugely embarrassed. To make matters worse, she didn't make a quick exit, she stood there, assessing the situation, making him wilt even more under her fearsome gaze.

"You're a bad boy. A wicked boy. A dirty, wicked, bad boy."

"Um, sorry," he began, inwardly cringing. Releasing his hold of his wilted dick, he quickly covered himself with the duvet.

"I should take my hairbrush to you for that," said Stephanie.

Instinctively, Joe sat up and put a hand to his head. He hadn't brought a comb or a brush. Was she complaining he hadn't brushed his hair?

"No matter. I have my slipper," she said, stooping to pull the slipper off her right foot. She wasn't especially tall for a woman, five foot six maybe at the most ... but that slipper sure looked big.

"Slipper," he repeated stupidly, staring at it and wondering why she'd taken it off. He was about to find out!

With determined strides, Stephanie approached the sofa, positioning herself next to him on his left. "Shall I tell you what happens to naughty boys who wank off on my sofa without permission?"

"Um ... go on then," he said, not sure whether he really wanted to know.

"They go over my lap and they get their bare bottom spanked."

"What?" Did she just say that? Spank my bare arse? No, surely not. I must have misheard. He stared at her in disbelief, his mouth open like a hungry gold fish.

"You heard me, Joe Carter. Now get yourself over my lap and look sharp about it."

For a moment, Joe was stupefied with shock. And then he felt the old familiar twinge as his dick sprang into life, and with it came the realization that this was decidedly kinky. He liked kinky. He'd once tied up a girlfriend and spanked her bottom, then fucked the living daylights out of her, to their mutual satisfaction. On another occasion he'd applied a few playful swats with a spatula. But he'd never been on the receiving end. He had a choice right now of course; he could decline ... or he could just go with it and see what happened. He opted for the later.


Disciplined by His Landlady is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Disciplined by His Landlady

A treat for men who like to fantasize about being under the control of a dominant woman ... Disciplined by his Landlady has just been released. It's packed with spankings and sizzling sex, and has a damn good storyline too. I hope you enjoy it :)

Joe is quite content to bum around and enjoy himself, totally unconcerned about his lack of motivation or ambition. But his life changes drastically following an encounter with Stephanie Myers - a woman radically different from any other he has ever known. For Stephanie is a cool, efficient businesswoman on the exterior, but her personal life allows her to be who she really is ... a true disciplinarian with a penchant for kink. The initial spark of sexual chemistry between the two flares into something more profound and exciting. Stephanie becomes Joe's landlady, and recognising Joe's submissive nature, she exploits and nurtures it to the full. But when Joe is disobedient and breaks her rules - which he does, often - he pays the price on his backside. He is introduced to her hairbrush, slipper, paddle and cane, and other implements from her arsenal which encourage naughty young men to behave.

As for Joe, he's always had a hankering for older, assertive women. He adores Stephanie and loves her dominance and the way she effortlessly takes charge of the situation. He adapts to a life of domestic discipline within a female-led relationship - a most intimate and rewarding relationship which involves more deliciously kinky sex than he'd ever imagined possible, plus humiliating scenarios which are a real turn on. But there is an element of romance too as these two develop real feelings for each other, and under Stephanie's guidance and control Joe becomes empowered and happier than he's ever been. Submitting to Stephanie is well worth a sore bottom!


Disciplined by His Landlady is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Disciplined Husband: The Sting of the Slipper!

Sylvia disciplines her man with a stingy carpet slipper. He makes such a fuss, but he loves it really!
I feel the rush of cool air on my bare hindquarters, and as so often happens when my bottom is bared, my cock begins to swell. I turn my head and look at her expectantly. She gives me one of her stern looks.

"Turn round, boy. Head down."

I comply, and feel her fingers tugging the slipper off my right foot. Oh well, it's only a slipper. It can't possibly hurt much. Wrong.

"I don't believe you've felt a nice rubber-soled slipper on your bottom, have you?" says Sylvia.

"No ma'am."

"Allow me to demonstrate exactly what you've been missing out on."A moment later there is a loud Crack! And a searing pain blooms on my backside.

"Yeoow!" I roar.

Sylvia chuckles and continues. "I do so love the feel of a nice stingy slipper in my hand. Do you love the feel of it on your naughty bottom?" Down it comes again, striking the centre of my left cheek.

"Yeowch! How can a humble carpet slipper hurt so much?"

"Lovely, isn't it," she says conversationally, and whacks me again.


"It's so flexible and easy to use."



"I do so admire the way your delicious buns squish flat under the impact of the slipper, only to bounce back again a moment later all ready for another dose. Oh isn't this fun!"

Crack! Crack! Crack!

"Aaaargh! Oh yes - ow! Great fun!" I feel as though I've been branded by a red-hot iron, that slipper is murder! There is no respite as Sylvia lambastes my rump with a huge volley of spanks.

My eyes are stinging and I'm rapidly reaching full crying and begging mode. Another six hard ones descend and I squeal loudly, waggling my rear end which I just know is bright scarlet by now. And yet ... the feeling of being restrained and helpless certainly adds a new dimension to the proceedings. If only the bastard slipper was a bit less fierce, I'd really be enjoying myself here.

"Well isn't my bad boy's bottom a beautiful colour?" Sylvia puts down the slipper and I feel her fingers caressing my tortured cheeks.

"It feels like it's on fire," I bleat. "You have to rub it better," I add hopefully, enjoying the feel of her hands smoothing my heated flesh.

"Oh but I am. And that's not the only thing I'm going to rub." She unfastens the belt and gives my wrists a quick massage. I rise, but she flips me over so that I'm on my back - and then she grabs my wrists and ties them again. "Now I can have my wicked way with you, and there isn't a thing you can do about it," she says as she straddles my thighs.


The Disciplined Husband is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications: