Monday, January 07, 2013

New E-Book - Six Of The Best Book 2: A Collection of 18 spanking stories

We spankos have a thing for six of the best. So, following hot on the heels of Book 1, comes Book 2. Here is a summary of the contents.

This is the second book in the aptly titled series Six of The Best. It contains 18 sizzlingly good spanking stories to entertain and delight. Various settings and genres are represented including domestic (as in Mrs Biggins Boarding House, and Transformation Of A Disobedient Daughter) and slightly spooky (as in The China Teapot, and The Stone Maiden) and romantic (Romance in A Flat, and The Snake Charmer). There are also a couple of workplace spanking stories (How To Sell A Mercedes, and Sylvia Gets The Slipper) plus an instructive story on how to sell beds, and many more. A summary of each story is provided, and all stories involve adult spankings.

A big thank you to the talented Overbarrel for allowing me to use one of his super images for the cover.

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