Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New ebook - Country Loving

Here's a fun romance from my alter ego, Abigail Armani. Enjoy.

This tells the story of Grant who moves into a sleepy little village, where for three weeks he enjoys peace and quiet - and then he meets Dotty - and her pet rooster George. In the space of half an hour, Dotty rampages around like a whirlwind, demolishes Grant's gate and scratches his new car. And when George pecks Grant in the testicles, Dotty thinks she can save the day with a bottle of her Granny Edith's muscle rub. Needless to say, Dotty earns herself several sound spankings. As for Grant, to his surprise he discovers this talkative, scatterbrained red-haired women is really quite endearing. Love blossoms. And when Grant's boss gets a glimpse of Dotty's bare bottom, a promotion follows!

This book also contains three other sizzling romance stories: The First Time; Millie Gets Caned; and Revenge is Sweet.

Available from Amazon and also LSF Publications:

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New ebook - Tales of Discipline and Love

Here's a romantic offering written under my pen name of Abigail Armani. Hope you like it :)

A beautifully written collection embracing loving discipline. In The Awakening, the mysterious Bryn senses a quality in Catrina that intrigues him. He takes her to his home and begins to introduce her to the sensual delights of spanking, awakening the dark hunger that has slept within her. The old house in All Hallows Eve holds onto memories ... painful, sensual, and revitalizing. A lingering spirit relives her lover's bittersweet touch.

In Black Jaguar, over-anxious and hard-working student, Joe, is persuaded to share a delicious lunch with attractive, vaguely familiar Alyshia in an idyllic forest clearing. Lulled by her story telling, some thugs take him by surprise before a black shadow scares them, freeing her and allowing her to claim him as her own. Deja Vu tells of a young woman who makes an arduous climb up a hillside, instinctively knowing that when she reaches the top, her secret dream will be turned into a reality.

Door in the Eves shows how Patricia moves back to live in her childhood home and through the door in the eves finds herself confronted by an old friend. In The Eye of the Eagle, Amy has arranged to meet Duncan on Ben More, the highest hill on Mull. She is entranced as she watches a pair of eagles, and is late for her assignation. She pays the consequences for her late arrival.

Then we have The Fortune Teller at the village fete who tells Grace the name of her future suitor - things are not always as they seem though and some predictions really do come true. How Unfair is That tells of a pupil who cheated to pass her music exam, but later marries her music teacher and confesses ... and now she pays the price, every year on the same date.

Some people know exactly what they want from life - in I Want a Spanking, Sharon wants Phil because she's heard certain things about him that intrigue and excite her; however, events take an unexpected turn and Sharon gets all she ever dreamed of. In Whale Song, Bryony is enjoying a whale-watching expedition. Marine biologist Mark finds her a fascinated audience, letting her listen to the mammals' incredible songs. Nor does this turn out to be his only speciality, as Bryony happily discovers!

Available from Amazon and also LSF Publications:

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Ebook - Amanda and the Policeman

We girls are a sucker for a man in uniform ... ;)

In Amanda and the Policeman, Sergeant Ryan Bradley transfers out of London and returns to the village of his youth - the village where Bertram, his grandfather, still works in the family firm. On one of his visits to Bradley's Building Supplies, Ryan meets an attractive member of staff called Amanda, and promises himself that once he is settled he will get to know her better. But as time passes and Ryan helps his grandfather to install CCTV on company premises, it provides evidence which confirms Bertram's suspicions - Amanda is stealing money. Ryan comes up with a unique and innovative way to extract a full confession from Amanda, along with a memorably painful discipline session. But it appears that the spanking inflames passions and a hunger for more... with the promise of future fun and games in the police station.

Also included are:
Authorised Personnel; Be Careful What You Wish For; Belted Bottom for Tina; Box of Tricks; A Dutiful Father-in-Law; Fetch the Slipper; Getting Ready for the Spanking Party; A Good Hiding in the Hide; Her Father's Daughter; Intergalactic Spankings; Ladies Who Lunch; Lavinia's Letters; Magic Knickers; More Cheese Please Louise; My Uncle is a Toad; and She Asked for It.

Available from Amazon and also LSF Publications:

To purchase the book in other formats, please go to the LSF Publications site

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lucy Appleby Interview

I'd like to say a big thank you to Patty Devlin for hosting me today on her blog.

Do check out the interview and learn what I've been getting up to :)

Thanks so much for organising it, Patty.