Monday, June 24, 2013

Free Story - All in the Genes

Here's a naughty little story for you all. Hope you like it :D

ALL IN THE GENES by flopsybunny (AKA Lucy Appleby)

Tony was half way home when he realised he had left his saxophone in the music room. Cursing, he headed back to school and made his way through the now silent and deserted corridors to the second floor music room. Much to his relief, his sax was on the chair where he had left it. He picked it up and was about to leave when a blur of copper-gold caught his eye.

Mrs Winters was the school's hottest teacher, with her hour-glass figure, long shapely legs and smouldering green eyes that accentuated her red-gold curls. It was those red-gold curls that were bobbing up and down through the glass of the stock-room at the back of the music room.

Puzzled, Tony moved forward, and as he drew closer, heard little whimpers and moans. He cautiously peeped through the glass panel at the top of the door, and his jaw dropped in amazement at the sight of the glamorous Mrs Winters, minus her skirt and knickers, her legs wrapped round the waist of Bert the maintenance man. He had his eyes closed in ecstasy, and each hand grasped a plump buttock, as Mrs Winters bounced joyfully up and down on Bert's joystick.

At that moment, Mrs Winters turned her head and saw Tony staring at her. Her face turned white with shock, and was immediately followed by a deep red flush. Tony drank in the vision, winked lewdly, then turned and left. Boy - was he going to have some fun with this!

He had to wait a whole week before he had the opportunity to put his plan into action. It was a week filled with delicious anticipation and decadent fantasy involving Mrs Winters' delectable arse. But at last, Friday arrived. The last lesson of the day was music, and Tony enjoyed himself hugely by staring intently at Mrs Winters, observing how flustered she was becoming beneath his meaningful gaze. Her cheeks flushed crimson and she stammered and spluttered her way through the lesson.

When the bell went, she marched resolutely towards the door to join the avalanche of pupils jostling for freedom. But Tony had anticipated this and was ready for her. "Excuse me, Mrs Winters. I have some questions I need to ask you."

"Oh," she said, biting her lower lip. "Can't it wait until next week?"

"No. It can't," he said decisively, feeling a surge of power as he observed her obvious agitation. "Of course, if you are too busy," he added in a low voice, "I could always have a word with Mr Winters."

"There's no need for that," she said, her voice shaking.

"Agreed. I'm sure we can come to some sort of understanding."

She stared at him, aghast. "What are you suggesting?"

"Nothing too terrible. You might even enjoy it. I know I will."

Tony closed the door firmly after the last pupil to leave the room, and then deftly steered Mrs Winters into the stock room.

"Now look here, Tony," she began. "You must NOT tell my husband. Is that clear?"

"You are in no position to negotiate terms, Mrs Winters."

"Even if you did tell him, he wouldn't believe you," she said defiantly.

"That's why I have the video of your little indiscretion on my mobile phone," lied Tony.

Mrs Winters gasped and clasped a hand to her mouth. Her eyes filled with tears and she looked at him in desperation. "What is it you want?" "It's quite simple really. For the remainder of the year, after the last class on Friday, I want you in here, bare assed, bending over that table. And then I'm going to spank you."

"Sp...spank me?" She looked incredulous.

"Uh huh," grinned Tony.

Mrs Winters swallowed. Considering the alternative, perhaps a spanking wouldn't be too bad. Anyway, she didn't really have a choice. "Very well," she said quietly.

"I knew you would come round to my way of thinking." This was it. Now he had her ... his willing victim. His penis twitched at the prospect of the delights to come. "Stand and face the table."

She gave him one last pleading look, and then resignedly obeyed, standing with her back to him. Tony looked at her and shivered in excitement. "Hoist your skirt up to your waist," he said huskily.

She did. Oh yes. Very nice.

"Knickers down."

"Please...," she whimpered.

But he was resolute, and watched as she tugged at the waistband and pulled the flimsy lacy garment down to the top of her thighs. Tony drank in the curves of her shapely bare bottom.

"Take them right down to your ankles," he ordered.

She did so, revealing her lovely long legs, balancing on stylish three inch heels.

"Now bend over. More. More. Stick that arse out for me."

Mrs Winters made a peculiar mewling sound like a strangled cat. Her elbows on the table, she leaned over and thrust out her bottom obscenely.

"Legs apart," breathed Tony. Could it be he had found something even better than sex? "Oh yes," he said, as Mrs Winters complied, parting her thighs, revealing her glistening sex nestling in all its glory between her perfectly sculpted thighs. She had red-gold curls there too.

Tony licked his lips. His target was bared and ready. He reached out and felt each of her buttocks in turn, tentatively at first, and then he became bolder, and squeezed and kneaded the fleshy cheeks. Then he spanked her, watching in awe as her bottom dimpled beneath his touch. He delivered another slap, directly across the centre of her buttocks, which glowed afterwards with the imprint of his hand.

Tony began to spank her harder, delighting in the feel of her warm soft skin beneath his hand. He continued, inflamed by her little moans and whimpers, and focused on turning the once pale flesh to a wonderful crimson hue. He was in heaven - and Mrs Winters was right there with him, gasping out her enjoyment.

Tony's parents were amazed that their son suddenly developed a passion for music. So dedicated had he become that he even stayed behind after school for extra tuition, which resulted in a row of straight A's for his music homework.

"The lad obviously takes after me," said Tony's dad proudly. "It's all in the genes."

"Nonsense. You can't even sing in tune!" grinned Tony's mum.

"We'll have less of your cheek, woman, or it's the paddle for you. Hell - it's Friday and Tony's still at school." He grinned wolfishly. "I'm going to reacquaint your bottom with the big paddle - we won't be overheard."

With a big grin on his face, Tony's dad chased his wife upstairs and beat out a rousing tune on her bottom. The whacks were punctuated by a series of shrill wails.

What a musical family!

© flopsybunny

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