Thursday, June 13, 2013

New ebook - The Beachcomber's Love

Here's my latest title. Let's face it - who wouldn't want to be taken to bed and spanked by the smoulderingly sexy guy on the cover ...? :D

The Beachcomber's Love is a sensual story depicting the growing attraction between Greg and Marion, the attractive woman he finds stranded at low tide when he is out scouring his local beach for fossils and other treasures from the sea. Having lost her bikini bottom to the waves, Marion doesn't have the courage to emerge from the cold waters. But Greg does the gentlemanly thing and offers her his jacket. The pair get acquainted and Marion soon falls in love with the sexy Greg Masters; she discovers that they share many interests including a certain kink. Under his instruction she experiences the heady delights of erotic spankings. Their relationship progresses well until one warm afternoon in October when Marion makes the mistake of ignoring Greg's warning. She goes swimming and discovers the unpredictable and volatile nature of the sea. Her irresponsible behaviour generates consequences, and there is a price to be paid. Marion's bottom also pays the price when her jealousy towards Greg's colleague Erica results in a prank gone wrong, plus a ruined outfit. Love blossoms regardless, but there is trouble ahead in the guise of Marion's ex husband..

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