Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Ebook - The Castle - A Time Travel Romance

Here's my latest title, published under the pen name of Abigail Armani - the name I use for spanking stories with a romance theme. This was great fun to write, so if your tastes run to a soup├žon of sex, spanking, and time travel, with a wicked villain and a couple of sexy Alpha males thrown into the mix ... then this one's for you :) Enjoy.

The Castle is an atmospheric and sensuous story set in two different time periods. Beth is shocked when she finds her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her best friend. Distraught, she drives north where she gets hopelessly lost and runs out of petrol. She is picked up by a rustic and very old-fashioned family in a horse and cart, and they give her shelter for the night in the grounds of a castle. At first, Beth thinks she has stumbled into some sort of primitive commune, but as events unfold she realises that is not the case at all. The castle and its environs are ruled by the wickedly sadistic Lord Ingram, who is very interested in the new arrival.

It is Roland, a paramedic from the 21st century, who with the aid of his mother and her New-Age friend Tabitha, travels back 500 years into the past to rescue Beth from the clutches of Lord Ingram. He is plunged into a dangerous time, and not only has he to find Beth, to whom he is irresistibly drawn, he also has to seek out Gregory Thackery - a man who mysteriously disappeared in the 1980's. Thackery has learned some of the secrets of time travel and can help Roland return to 2013. But Roland is determined not to return without the woman he loves...

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