Sunday, December 04, 2016

Strict Lady with Cane

It's a fact that submissive men go for strict women. I found this pic on the net. I've no idea who she is, but boy, does she look strict!

I imagine she's quite adept with that cane, striking fear into the hearts of her willing (and maybe not so willing) victims!


  1. This lady looks somewaht like my lady tutor when I was stadying for University! My mother told her she had her permision to give me a sound caning if my work was not up to her requirements and if she felt I was skimping on my work and wasting the fees she was paying then my trousers could be taken down for a bare bottom caning ! I did not believe it would happen but did on a memorable afternoon in her study ! My she ignore my 'thingy' and got down to caning me ! She lectured me throughout the caning and my cries of pain! I had 10 strokes and my bum felt on fire ! I had it from her another four times that year but I got into university !

  2. It sounds like she and her cane were just the thing to motivate you into to studying :D