Monday, December 26, 2016

Spanked By Her Music Teacher

Spanked by Her Music Teacher is Now Available.

The things a girl will do to get the attention of the man she has the hots for ... Look out for Spanked by Her Music Teacher, due for publication around the 26th December.

At almost eighteen, Katie has the hots for Steve Kennedy, a music teacher who lives nearby. Persuading her mother to pay for flute lessons, she duly turns up at Mr Kennedy's house with one thing on her mind: seduction. But although Mr Kennedy is far from oblivious to Katie's charms, he focuses on teaching her to play the flute. Katie's behaviour, however, leaves much to be desired, and when she breaks his antique mirror during a bratty temper tantrum she gets his full attention, though not quite in the way she expects. He spanks her bare bottom, and continues to do so for the last ten minutes of each lesson. But Katie doesn't give up easily, and does all she can to get him to take her to bed. It isn't until nine years later that her dreams come to fruition - and the reality is even better than the fantasy, and most definitely worth the wait!

This book also includes the following M/F stories: Rigorous and Disciplined Training; Fat Bottomed Girl; Are You a Good Girl?; The Au Pair; British Justice; A Caning to Remember; The Heavy Hand of the Law; Incriminating Photographs; A Mother and Daughter Spanked by the Babysitter; Mrs Harbottle's Bottom; Naughty Emily; and Psychometrica Electronica.


Spanked by Her Music Teacher is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

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