Saturday, October 05, 2013

New ebook - Three Merry Maids

Here's another brand spanking new title. I hope you like it.

Abby, Meg and Katrin have finished their studies and unable to get jobs, are in desperate need of money. So they decide to form a cleaning company, and market themselves as Three Merry Maids. Their first assignment at the house of Mr and Mrs Harper goes horrendously wrong, resulting in smashed glass, broken plates and a ruined ceramic hob. Mr Harper quotes for the damage, and when they can't pay, ends up spanking and caning the three of them. He is joined by his wife, Helga, who apparently shares her husband's proclivities, and later reveals that regular soirées are held at the Harper residence. These events involve creative role play and lots of spankings, and are very lucrative. The girls agree to give it a try, but their ability to get into bother results in a lot of fun and three sore bottoms...

This book also includes the following short stories: All in the Genes; The Bringers of Justice; The Busy Doctor; Heart's Desire; A Mum and Daughter Spanked; and Spanked & Strapped in the Smuggler's Den.

Available from Amazon and also LSF Publications:

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