Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free Halloween Spanking Story - The Twins Go Trick or Treating

Greetings. It's approaching that time of year again... Halloween. I've written a few short stories and here's the first one. Enjoy. The next one will be up in a day or two.

Halloween Caper 1: The Twins go Trick or Treating, by Lucy Appleby

Claire and Suzie giggled as they descended the stairs in their outrageous attire - Claire wrapped in blood-stained bandages and her sister wearing a rotund pumpkin costume that emphasised her rather skinny legs.

"Girls! What the devil are you wearing?!" Their mum Christine gawped at the pair, then chuckled. "Don't you think you're a bit too old at 18 for trick and treating?"

"Hey mum. No way. All the kids at school do it. It's fun!"

"It is - you should try it mum," said Suzie, and then shut up quickly as her sister gave her a poke in the ribs. It wouldn't be at all cool if mum tagged along too.

"No thanks. I'd rather stay home and watch tv. Suzie, the pumpkin I get - but Claire, what are you supposed to be?"

"A bloodied corpse of course. Right, we're off. See ya later."

"Be careful then. Be home no later than eleven, ok?" Christine smiled as her daughters left the house, then went back into the sitting room where the television set and a large glass of wine awaited.

Claire and Suzie knew exactly where they were going. Mr Hanson's house lay on the outskirts of town some twenty minutes walk away. They had first paid him a visit two years ago, and it had now become a regular thing to do every Halloween.

Mr Hanson greeted them with his customary, "Trick or treat?! Bah! Don't waste my time on such stupidity. Be off with you! Clear off!"

The girls looked at each other conspiratorially.

"Right - if you aren't going to give us any treats ..."

"... We're going to play a few pranks on you, you miserable old git!"

From their shoulder-bags, the girls produced a bag of squishy overripe tomatoes, which they proceeded to hurl at Mr Hanson's front door and windows - and even on Mr Hanson himself.

"Grrrrrrrr! You annoying little beggars!" Two large hands reached out to grab them and pull them over the threshold. He marched them into the study where an open fire crackled merrily in the grate. An old mahogany desk was set before the window. "Over you go. Knickers down - and stick those bottoms out."

The two girls were filled with a strange excitement and hurried to comply. Suzie shrugged her hooped pumpkin skirt off easily, pulled down her knickers, and bent eagerly over the desk, presenting her bottom perfectly.

Mr Hanson licked his lips, then gave Claire the benefit of his attention. "Not the bloodied corpse outfit again! You know how awkward that thing is to get off," he growled, and went to assist in the unravelling.

A few moments later the swish and crack of the cane resulted in a lewd and vocal display from the writhing pair, their twin upthrust bottoms twitching and burning beneath the kiss of the cane. Red stripes blazed and blistered.

"More!" they cried in unison.

Mr Hanson smiled wolfishly and did his Halloween duty.