Monday, August 12, 2013

New E-Book - The Bad Boy Story Book Volume 2

F/M lovers everywhere - a brand spanking new Bad Boy Story Book (volume 2) is now available. It's hot and it's fun.

This anthology will be enjoyed by anyone interested in being disciplined by a dominant woman. The entertaining stories all feature the F/M orientation. Some are humorous, some are erotic; some have a domestic setting whilst others focus on particular scenarios and places and fantasy situations. The common theme is the women disciplinarians who will stand for no nonsense as they inflict good old fashioned spankings to the deserving, with the help of a formidable array of disciplinary implements. It has to be said that in most of these stories, the disciplined male ends up with a monster erection. Indeed, this tumescent condition appears to affect most of the men in this bumper collection of stories regardless of whether they are whacked by hand, cane, crop or paddle!

The first story called The Abominable Mother-In-Law, tells the tale of Bradley Carter who, driven by his love of money and a desire for an idle life, marries the wealthy and seemingly docile Emily Graf. But he doesn't bargain on having his budget curtailed by his fearsome iron-willed mother-in-law, Gretchen. She takes matters into her own hands right from the start and gives Bradley the first of many bare-assed paddlings. To his horror he discovers he has inadvertently signed a pre-nuptial agreement which states that if ever he overspends on the weekly budget (which of course he does), he is to be subject to rigorous weekly discipline throughout his married life. There is yet another clause which commits him to working as a house maid (in uniform) in the marital home. Emily is given lessons by her mother on how to discipline and train her new husband, so Bradley soon finds himself upended and chastised on alternate weeks by the two women in his life.

The other delights in this volume are:
Absolution, Auditions for a Spanking Movie, The Earth Mother, A Fish Slice Farce, Freddie and Mrs Brown, Granny Rattlebones, The Handyman, The Hypnotist, The Particle Physicist, His Wife, & His Mother, The Physical Education Teacher, The Raggedy Man, Secret Spanko, Sisters of the Lash, The Swamp Queen, and The Travelling Hairbrush Meets the Twins.

Fantastic artwork once again provided by my friend RedRump.

Available from Amazon and also LSF Publications:

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