Saturday, December 22, 2012

New E-Book - Underwood Hall

If you like a touch of the supernatural with your spanking stories, settle down with Underwood Hall. It might make your toes curl :D. Here is a summary:

When the Frobisher line died out, their grand 17th-century country house was purchased by a Mr William Underwood, renamed Underwood Hall, and became a Corrective Institution for Wayward Young Ladies. Fast forward to the 21st century, Underwood Hall is owned by Ruth Rodgers and her wealthy husband. Given her husband's jet-setting business lifestyle, Ruth spends most of her time alone. Strange things begin to happen. Underwood Hall with its history and all its memories ineradicably imprinted on each and every wall is full of echoes from the past - and as past and present inexplicably merge, Ruth experiences discipline meted out by the former staff of the Corrective Institution for Wayward Young Ladies. Later, three of Ruth’s friends join her to experience the transforming effects of physical correction. The modern-day women take their punishment in a setting from the past, as their bottoms feel the hand, paddle, ruler, crop and cane. It seems that the mystery and magic of Underwood Hall is revealed to all those who have need of chastisement, because when Ruth joins her husband on a trip to Switzerland, Ruth's niece Ellie arrives at Underwood Hall with her boyfriend Tom. Ellie is punished as a result of her bad behaviour, and Tom finds a whole new lease of life as a spanker.

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