Thursday, December 26, 2013

Free Story - George's Buns

Well that's another Christmas Day over without mishap. In days of yore when I had a dog, one year he disgraced himself by sneaking into the kitchen and eating the Christmas turkey which was 'resting' on the table beneath a layer of tin foil.

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas enjoyed their day. Here's a silly bit of nonsense to make you smile. It's a little story about gluttony called George's Buns :)

George's Buns
By Lucy Appleby
"Do have a cream bun, George."

"Oh Lavinia - how could I possibly resist one of your buns?" George grabbed the biggest and bit in to it ecstatically.

"Don't snatch, George."

"Ummmm, sorry," mumbled George with his mouth full.

"And don't speak with your mouth full."

"Uh. These are delicious." George took another bun. A big blob of cream oozed out and splatted on his chest. "It's great being a nudist - saves on the laundry bills, what?" George grinned and mopped up the cream with his finger.

"We might not wear clothes - but we still wear our gym shoes and slippers," retorted Lavinia. "And as my husband has the table manners of a bacon pig, he's going to get his hairy hide tanned. Fetch the slipper, George!"

Poor George bent over Lavinia's knee and got two dozen whacks with his own size 12 rubber soled slipper. It stung to buggery and was most uncomfortable. What a good thing he could stand up in the pulpit to deliver the evening sermon on the sin of gluttony.


  1. Very funny! Seasonal greetings from Rod!

  2. Your stories are always a hoot.

    Hope you had a nice Christmas and your mum was able to enjoy it with you.

    Do you say Happy Boxing Day. If so, Happy Boxing Day

  3. Happy Boxing Day to you too Sunny Girl. Had a lovely Christmas Day thanks and hope you and yours did too. Did you eat too many buns? LOL

  4. Thanks for your comment Rod. Seasons Greetings and spankings galore :) x

  5. That was very funny! A nudist preacher indeed, not that I would be surprised.

  6. Lucy,

    I love your stories.

    Happy New Year to you.