Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Ebook - Amanda and the Policeman

We girls are a sucker for a man in uniform ... ;)

In Amanda and the Policeman, Sergeant Ryan Bradley transfers out of London and returns to the village of his youth - the village where Bertram, his grandfather, still works in the family firm. On one of his visits to Bradley's Building Supplies, Ryan meets an attractive member of staff called Amanda, and promises himself that once he is settled he will get to know her better. But as time passes and Ryan helps his grandfather to install CCTV on company premises, it provides evidence which confirms Bertram's suspicions - Amanda is stealing money. Ryan comes up with a unique and innovative way to extract a full confession from Amanda, along with a memorably painful discipline session. But it appears that the spanking inflames passions and a hunger for more... with the promise of future fun and games in the police station.

Also included are:
Authorised Personnel; Be Careful What You Wish For; Belted Bottom for Tina; Box of Tricks; A Dutiful Father-in-Law; Fetch the Slipper; Getting Ready for the Spanking Party; A Good Hiding in the Hide; Her Father's Daughter; Intergalactic Spankings; Ladies Who Lunch; Lavinia's Letters; Magic Knickers; More Cheese Please Louise; My Uncle is a Toad; and She Asked for It.

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