Saturday, March 09, 2013

New E-Book: Spanked With A Sausage!

There is a fun side to spanking, and the 14 stories in this collection certainly reflect that - their content will elicit a few chuckles. All the stories are M/F and portray a fine array of spanking implements including a flyswatter and a sausage! Natalie has the misfortune to get publicly spanked by a man brandishing his big pepperoni. Ali-Bongo the magician takes on a new assistant, whose bare bottom is revealed when Bongo's magic trick backfires - the audience go wild and want to spank it. There are all manner of other stories, ranging from riding with a hot bare bottom on the back of a llama, to aliens at the bottom of the garden who show great interest in earthly spanking techniques.

As for the cover - full marks for originality, eh?! LOL

Available from Amazon and also LSF Publications:

To purchase the book in other formats, please go to the LSF Publications site

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