Sunday, April 02, 2017

Are you a Bad Boy?

If you are a bad boy, or a stern woman who enjoys disciplining naughty boys, this fourth anthology of femdom tales is for you. In the Bad Boy Story Book 4, the women disciplinarians in these stories stand for no nonsense as they inflict good old-fashioned spankings to deserving male bottoms.

Thanks once again to the talented RedRump for his cover art.

This book includes the following:

No Pants for Peter: Things change drastically for Peter when he goes to live with his girlfriend, Carol, and his future mother-in-law, Mrs Riley. Mrs Riley is a strict disciplinarian who teaches Carol how to instil better behaviour in her boyfriend. Peter is not allowed to wear pants on Friday evenings. He has to clean the house and then bend over for his maintenance spanking. But it's not all bad, as he comes to enjoy it.

Harry and Mrs Henderson: Impoverished student Harry is befriended by Marla Henderson, who offers him a discount rate for a room and board. She also threatens to tan his hide if he breaks her house rules. He thinks she's joking but soon learns otherwise! An unconventional relationship develops.

Viagra Substitute: Roger has lost confidence in himself following his divorce, and this has resulted in problems in the bedroom, but when he meets the attractive Karen in a singles bar, things start to look up. She has the perfect cure for impotence - a bare bottom spanking - and it works!

Mrs Golightly's Hairbrush: After an evening of drinking, Jake and his buddies make crude remarks about a beautiful librarian, and Jake pinches her bottom. He goes to the library a few days later to apologies, and she proposes to spank his bare bottom and then let him take her out to dinner. He eagerly agrees, but once the spanking begins, it is much more severe than he'd expected. But he has to admit that the delicious throbbing sensation it leaves behind is strangely erotic.

A Good Hiding for Charlie: Charlie is broke; he is also an opportunist who lives off wealthy women. When he gets a last minute discount holiday on board a cruise ship, his aim is to meet, charm, and marry a rich widow. He meets Eve, a middle-aged woman who is eager to be bedded by a handsome young stud. But she has certain conditions in return for her sexual favours, and Charlie gets much more than he bargained for...

The Ruler: Brian is a diligent worker, completely besotted with his new employer, the stern and haughty Rebecca Delaney... a woman who takes steps to find out exactly what is going on in the office. Brian goes for his first performance appraisal and comes out with a very sore bottom after being introduced to Miss Delaney's wooden ruler.

The Midnight Train: Max misses his train, but learns there may be a midnight train. He boards it with one other passenger, a Miss Cassandra Emmanuel, a glamorous and intriguing woman. This is a very unusual train, packed with revellers who have one thing in common: the women are dominant, and the men eager to please them. Miss Emmanuel offers Max a choice - a choice which may result in a blistering hairbrush spanking, a thrashing with a leather strap, and the wildest sex of his life.

A Whipping in the Woodshed: Unemployed David is quite content to laze around at home and do nothing, but his life changes when he is sent to work on a farm for three months. It is owned by Rosanna, a formidable woman whose Texan grandfather instructed her in the use of a razor strop. David doesn't get off to a good start. He persists in smoking, and he refuses to muck out the cow sheds. A walk to the woodshed helps teach him the error of his ways.


The Bad Boy Story Book 4 is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

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