Sunday, February 07, 2016

Disciplined by His Landlady

A treat for men who like to fantasize about being under the control of a dominant woman ... Disciplined by his Landlady has just been released. It's packed with spankings and sizzling sex, and has a damn good storyline too. I hope you enjoy it :)

Joe is quite content to bum around and enjoy himself, totally unconcerned about his lack of motivation or ambition. But his life changes drastically following an encounter with Stephanie Myers - a woman radically different from any other he has ever known. For Stephanie is a cool, efficient businesswoman on the exterior, but her personal life allows her to be who she really is ... a true disciplinarian with a penchant for kink. The initial spark of sexual chemistry between the two flares into something more profound and exciting. Stephanie becomes Joe's landlady, and recognising Joe's submissive nature, she exploits and nurtures it to the full. But when Joe is disobedient and breaks her rules - which he does, often - he pays the price on his backside. He is introduced to her hairbrush, slipper, paddle and cane, and other implements from her arsenal which encourage naughty young men to behave.

As for Joe, he's always had a hankering for older, assertive women. He adores Stephanie and loves her dominance and the way she effortlessly takes charge of the situation. He adapts to a life of domestic discipline within a female-led relationship - a most intimate and rewarding relationship which involves more deliciously kinky sex than he'd ever imagined possible, plus humiliating scenarios which are a real turn on. But there is an element of romance too as these two develop real feelings for each other, and under Stephanie's guidance and control Joe becomes empowered and happier than he's ever been. Submitting to Stephanie is well worth a sore bottom!


Disciplined by His Landlady is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Disciplined Husband: The Sting of the Slipper!

Sylvia disciplines her man with a stingy carpet slipper. He makes such a fuss, but he loves it really!
I feel the rush of cool air on my bare hindquarters, and as so often happens when my bottom is bared, my cock begins to swell. I turn my head and look at her expectantly. She gives me one of her stern looks.

"Turn round, boy. Head down."

I comply, and feel her fingers tugging the slipper off my right foot. Oh well, it's only a slipper. It can't possibly hurt much. Wrong.

"I don't believe you've felt a nice rubber-soled slipper on your bottom, have you?" says Sylvia.

"No ma'am."

"Allow me to demonstrate exactly what you've been missing out on."A moment later there is a loud Crack! And a searing pain blooms on my backside.

"Yeoow!" I roar.

Sylvia chuckles and continues. "I do so love the feel of a nice stingy slipper in my hand. Do you love the feel of it on your naughty bottom?" Down it comes again, striking the centre of my left cheek.

"Yeowch! How can a humble carpet slipper hurt so much?"

"Lovely, isn't it," she says conversationally, and whacks me again.


"It's so flexible and easy to use."



"I do so admire the way your delicious buns squish flat under the impact of the slipper, only to bounce back again a moment later all ready for another dose. Oh isn't this fun!"

Crack! Crack! Crack!

"Aaaargh! Oh yes - ow! Great fun!" I feel as though I've been branded by a red-hot iron, that slipper is murder! There is no respite as Sylvia lambastes my rump with a huge volley of spanks.

My eyes are stinging and I'm rapidly reaching full crying and begging mode. Another six hard ones descend and I squeal loudly, waggling my rear end which I just know is bright scarlet by now. And yet ... the feeling of being restrained and helpless certainly adds a new dimension to the proceedings. If only the bastard slipper was a bit less fierce, I'd really be enjoying myself here.

"Well isn't my bad boy's bottom a beautiful colour?" Sylvia puts down the slipper and I feel her fingers caressing my tortured cheeks.

"It feels like it's on fire," I bleat. "You have to rub it better," I add hopefully, enjoying the feel of her hands smoothing my heated flesh.

"Oh but I am. And that's not the only thing I'm going to rub." She unfastens the belt and gives my wrists a quick massage. I rise, but she flips me over so that I'm on my back - and then she grabs my wrists and ties them again. "Now I can have my wicked way with you, and there isn't a thing you can do about it," she says as she straddles my thighs.


The Disciplined Husband is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sexy new ageplay - Little Louisa

Here's a festive treat from Chloe Carpenter. Little Louisa is billed as a BDSM ageplay romance. It has a great story, wonderful characters, and includes some sizzling sex scenes. Enjoy!
Louisa's chance encounter with Frank Rivers leads to a huge change in lifestyle, and a sex life she would never have believed possible. Frank is intelligent, kind, charming, sexy ... and deliciously kinky. At the outset of their relationship, he tells Louisa about his kink, and she is both excited and fascinated. Before too long she becomes Daddy's little girl, enjoying his attentions as he pampers her with bubble baths, pretty clothes, good girl spankings, delicious temperature takings and other treats. Louisa submits to Frank's dominance and thrives as their relationship develops. But Louisa isn't always well behaved, and on such occasions she needs a strict daddy to take her in hand, give her some loving guidance and administer firm discipline on her naughty bottom. He pushes her in ways she never thought possible, and sometimes he refuses to let her wear her big girl panties - or no panties at all! But above all, he cares for her, protects her, and encourages her to be the person she wants to be, fully embracing her Little side.

A fun and kinky read packed with steamy sex and erotic pleasures between two engaging characters who grow to love each other.

Publisher's Note: Little Louisa is an age play book. It includes anal play, explicit sexual scenes, and elements of medical play. The punishments include humiliation, corner time, spankings and BDSM S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.


Little Louisa is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Saturday, November 07, 2015

New Illustration from RedRump, Femdom Artist!

Here's a real treat for lovers of Femdom - particularly fans of the amazingly talented artist, my friend RedRump. First off, I'm glad to report RedRump is fine, but sadly real life commitments prevent him from adding new material to his blog. So with his full approval and his good wishes to all, I'm happy to put up this hitherto unpublished illustration.

It's been sitting around for awhile awaiting an accompanying installment of a serial on his blog called The Office of Correctional Services. It very much reminds me from a post-caning scene in The Disciplined Husband where Sylvia administers that final sizzling stroke on Peter's bottom:


That bastard dragon cane descends with rapid ferocity and embeds itself across the lower curve of my buns.

"Yaaaahhhh!!" I yell, immediately releasing my hold on the desk as I jump up, my hands clutching my tortured backside. In my mind's eye I can picture six glowing red lines of fire decorating my smouldering rump. "Owow ... owwww," I wail. I can't help jumping around, almost falling over in the process and doing myself further injury.

"Take those off." Sylvia points to my trousers and pants bunched around my ankles. "I like to watch your spank dance and the clothes get in the way of my enjoyment."

Oh well, we can't have that, can we?! I level her a rueful glance as I kick off the offending items. Then, ignoring how absurd I must look, I continue to rub my stinging arse like mad whilst capering around the room, my balls swinging, my semi-flaccid cock flapping from side to side. It obviously amuses Sylvia who looks on with undisguised appreciation at my predicament.

"That's quite enough, Peter," she informs me after a minute or two. "Come downstairs with me. You can peel the vegetables for dinner."

"Yes ma'am." I groan as I bend to reach for my pants, the stretched skin feeling as though it's been set on fire.

"No. What do you think you're doing? Did I give you permission to put your clothes back on?"

"No ma'am."

"Come just as you are," she says, and leads the way.

Fantastic illustration, RedRump & thanks for sharing.


The Disciplined Husband is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Disciplined Husband: chastised and caned

A dominant woman, a cane, and a man with submissive tendencies... Ouch!! Here's an extract from The Disciplined Husband. Enjoy.
"Oh!" I exclaim, as a hand grabs my shaft. I never heard Sylvia enter the room, her feet making no sound on the plush carpet.

"And what's this?" she asks, her fingers encircling my tumescent cock.

"Er, nothing, ma'am." (I always refer to her as ma'am at times like this.)

"Is that so?" she says, somewhat sarcastically. For a moment her fingers explore my length from root to tip, then those same fingers dip down to my balls, fondling and squeezing. I can't help but groan, wanting more, though I know full well she's only teasing and that I won't get any sexual relief until much later. "You can turn round now, Peter, and see what I have in store for you."

She releases her hold and I turn - to be confronted with the dragon cane in her right hand. I gulp, remembering the pain it delivered the last time I felt its bite. "Oh," I say, dejectedly. "That thing hurts."

"Of course it does. And you deserve it. Don't you?"

"I suppose so, ma'am."

"And you know I always give you what you deserve." Those lush lips of hers curl into a half smile and her eyes glint as she takes hold of my left ear, pinching it tightly between thumb and forefinger. "This way, you disobedient boy. Bend over the desk and stick that naughty bottom right out for me."

Now usually those words give me a thrill, but their impact is significantly reduced with the prospect of the dragon cane. I shuffle along feeling like an errant schoolboy with my trousers and pants down by my ankles, and wince as she guides me by pulling my ear. I take up the all too familiar position over the desk, my fingers reaching out to grasp the edge, my butt elevated, offering myself up to her for chastisement. Although my cock has shrunk, it nevertheless gives a little twitch as she gives three small cursory taps to my butt. I take a deep breath and hold it in an agony of expectation.

The seconds pass, and the promised strike fails to materialize. I can feel myself going red in the face from holding my breath and I exhale in a rush. And at that precise moment, the cane rushes through the air and ....


A line of liquid fire sears my skin. I emit a blood-curdling screech (canes and stoicism don't go well together as far as I'm concerned.) The pain makes my eyes bulge and I grip the desk so tightly my knuckles turn white.


A second cut bites deep, and I bellow out my agony. "Aaaaaaahh - you're killing me!"

"What nonsense. Don't be such a baby." She delivers another stroke, lower down, swiftly followed by two more, making me howl and gyrate my hips. She then pauses for a brief moment, running her finger tips along the grooves left by the cane. "What perfect symmetry," she says proudly, clearly admiring the results of her handiwork.

"Owwww!" I gasp. "It hurts! It hurts!"

"And so it should, you disobedient boy. Prepare yourself for the last stroke."

Stroke? Who coined that term? Whichever idiot referred to cane strikes as strokes needs their head examining. Canes do anything but stroke. They bite. They burn. They blister. And though I'm a relative novice to all this, I've had enough experience to know that the last 'stroke' is always the worse.


The Disciplined Husband is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Disciplined Husband

Here's a little treat for all you subby men who love a strict sexy woman to take control...
Laced with lashings of kink, spanking, and deliciously humiliating scenarios, this Femdom novella features the domestic discipline relationship between Peter and Sylvia. At the age of 41, Peter finds his perfect partner in life. Sylvia is an attractive, professional woman - she is also an assertive woman who needs to take control of her man. Sylvia fulfils Peter's long held desire for discipline and at the outset of their romance makes it quite clear who is in charge. As for Peter, he's a confident good looking guy with his own business, someone who is assertive and efficient in his work, but who learns to relinquish control by embracing his submissive side and his need for a dominant woman in his private life. Their relationship may be unconventional, but it is both satisfying and passionate, underpinned by the exciting dynamics of dominance and submission. Peter gets to experience the sensations of Sylvia's hairbrush, as well as many other implements in her collection, discovering in the process that discipline triggers his sexual arousal. Sylvia makes the rules, and if Peter breaks them, he pays the price on his bottom, reducing him to the status of a well chastised naughty boy... and he loves it!

This is a well paced novella with realistic character portrayals and an engagingly unique storyline. It shows how one man's life is transformed by the attentions of a naturally dominant woman.


The Disciplined Husband is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Bumper Book of Spanking Fiction

Four hot and entertaining spanking stories in one volume, at a bargain price!

Comprising four previously published ebooks (The Spanking Tent; The Housekeeper; Amanda and the Policeman; and Three Merry Maids) and totalling almost 100,000 words, this bumper bargain edition contains 50 spanking stories to entertain and delight, stories that are both fun and sexy. Included are the following and many more:

The Spanking Tent: St Agatha's School For Girls is short of funds for musical instruments, so headmistress Miss Fanny Frobisher gives her sixth form girls full authority to organise a fund raising day. The girls are split into four teams, the fourth being responsible for publicity and promotion. Charged with enthusiasm, the girls plan the event, using the local radio and newspaper to help spread the word. Miss Frobisher leaves them to it, and when the fund raising day dawns, is surprised and delighted to see huge crowds of people and ten coaches packed with boys from the local school. It seems that everyone is ignoring most of the stalls in their rush to join the long queues outside the big white tent pitched at the bottom of the field. Peeking inside she is shocked to see her upper sixth form girls getting their bare bottoms spanked! But when she sees the overflowing buckets of money earned, her attitude changes somewhat, especially when the chairman of the board of governors indicates he has a hankering for spanking bigger and more mature bottoms...

The Housekeeper: Martha applies for a position as housekeeper at Lavender Hill, which turns out to be a beautiful sprawling Elizabethan house in a private location. She is interviewed by a charming man who explains the duties required, and offers Martha the job with a very generous salary. Delighted, she accepts, and agrees to the three house rules relating to areas of the house which are strictly out of bounds. But curiosity eventually gets the better of Martha ... caught snooping in the wine cellar, she is stripped, spanked and imprisoned ... and she is not alone down there. What are the secrets to be found in the cellar? How does Martha react to her situation and what will become of her? And what is the source of the owner's great wealth? A deliciously intriguing tale with an unexpected ending.

Amanda and the Policeman: Sergeant Ryan Bradley transfers out of London and returns to the village of his youth - the village where Bertram, his grandfather, still works in the family firm. On one of his visits to Bradley's Building Supplies, Ryan meets an attractive member of staff called Amanda, and promises himself that once he is settled he will get to know her better. But as time passes and Ryan helps his grandfather to install CCTV on company premises, it provides evidence which confirms Bertram's suspicions - Amanda is stealing money. Ryan comes up with a unique and innovative way to extract a full confession from Amanda, along with a memorably painful discipline session. But it appears that the spanking inflames passions and a hunger for more... with the promise of future fun and games in the police station.

Three Merry Maids: Abby, Meg and Katrin have finished their studies and unable to get jobs, are in desperate need of money. They decide to form a cleaning company, and market themselves as Three Merry Maids. Their first assignment at the house of Mr and Mrs Harper goes horrendously wrong, resulting in smashed glass, broken plates and a ruined ceramic hob. Mr Harper quotes for the damage, and when they can't pay, ends up spanking and caning the three of them. He is joined by his wife, Helga, who apparently shares her husband's proclivities, and later reveals that regular soirées are held at the Harper residence. These events involve creative role play and lots of spankings, and are very lucrative. The girls agree to give it a try, but their ability to get into bother results in a lot of fun and three sore bottoms...


The Bumper Book of Spanking Fiction is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications: