Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Humorous Spanking Tales: Omnibus Edition

Who says spanking should be taken seriously? Not I! (Well, not all the time anyhow ....) This special Omnibus Edition features the previously published Muriel and the Pig and Spanked with a Sausage! It contains a grand total of 27 spanking tales, each featuring a humorous theme:

Muriel and the Pig: Spanking can be so much fun. These stories certainly illustrate the funny side of things. We have Muriel using her womanly wiles to persuade her husband to let her have a pet miniature pig - but she spends most of the pig money on clothes and buys a cheap pig with what's left over... and when the pig arrives it is huge and eats up everything in sight. In Dial-A-Spank, Eliza orders a cheese melt pizza, and ends up getting so much more than she bargained for. Grandad is at it again, this time as leader of the Keep-Fit class in the retirement home - it seems spanking is a very good form of exercise. Madam Petulengro the fortune teller reads her own destiny in the tea leaves and helps fate along a little by waiting for her visitor bare bottomed whilst bending over a chair. She got the wrong visitor, but who cares! In The Thing in The Greenhouse, Bella gets a leathering from uncle Herbert for telling lies, when she was in fact telling the truth. It seems all the characters in A Very British Tradition get a spanking, from the cook and the maids to the gardener and the vicar. Sid's Sandwich Shop takes business to new heights by offering 'extras' in the back room, and it's a case of soaring profits and hot spanked bottoms all round. This collection also includes three Femdom stories, where strong minded women deal appropriately with recalcitrant men.

Spanked with a Sausage: There is a fun side to spanking, and the 14 stories in this collection certainly reflect that - their content will elicit a few chuckles. All the stories are M/F and portray a fine array of spanking implements including a flyswatter and a sausage! Natalie has the misfortune to get publicly spanked by a man brandishing his big pepperoni. Ali-Bongo the magician takes on a new assistant, whose bare bottom is revealed when Bongo's magic trick backfires - the audience go wild and want to spank it. There are all manner of other stories, ranging from riding with a hot bare bottom on the back of a llama, to aliens at the bottom of the garden who show great interest in earthly spanking techniques.


Humorous Spanking Tales: Omnibus Edition is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

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