Saturday, October 26, 2013

New ebook - The Spanking Tent!

Greetings - I have another offering. It's a collection of stories called The Spanking Tent. They are great fun. Hope you enjoy them :)

St Agatha's School For Girls is short of funds for musical instruments, so headmistress Miss Fanny Frobisher gives her sixth form girls full authority to organise a fund raising day. The girls are split into four teams, the fourth being responsible for publicity and promotion. Charged with enthusiasm, the girls plan the event, using the local radio and newspaper to help spread the word. Miss Frobisher leaves them to it, and when the fund raising day dawns, is surprised and delighted to see huge crowds of people and ten coaches packed with boys from the local school. It seems that everyone is ignoring most of the stalls in their rush to join the long queues outiside the big white tent pitched at the bottom of the field. Peeking inside she is shocked to see her upper sixth form girls getting their bare bottoms spanked! But when she sees the overflowing buckets of money earned, her attitude changes somewhat, especially when the chairman of the board of governors, Captain Bertie Banger, indicates he has a hankering for spanking bigger and more mature bottoms...

Also included are the following short stories: Alice; Bella and the Bath Brush; Berti Baggins; Better than Botox; The Billionaire Pervert; British Justice; Cheese Monsters; The Contract; Dance for the Sultan; Disciplinary Awards Day; The Ghost of Future Past; The Implausible Legacy of Ruby Rump; The Nocturnal Banana Eater; The Slipper Collector; and Signor Zilli's.

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