Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New ebook - Tales of Discipline and Love

Here's a romantic offering written under my pen name of Abigail Armani. Hope you like it :)

A beautifully written collection embracing loving discipline. In The Awakening, the mysterious Bryn senses a quality in Catrina that intrigues him. He takes her to his home and begins to introduce her to the sensual delights of spanking, awakening the dark hunger that has slept within her. The old house in All Hallows Eve holds onto memories ... painful, sensual, and revitalizing. A lingering spirit relives her lover's bittersweet touch.

In Black Jaguar, over-anxious and hard-working student, Joe, is persuaded to share a delicious lunch with attractive, vaguely familiar Alyshia in an idyllic forest clearing. Lulled by her story telling, some thugs take him by surprise before a black shadow scares them, freeing her and allowing her to claim him as her own. Deja Vu tells of a young woman who makes an arduous climb up a hillside, instinctively knowing that when she reaches the top, her secret dream will be turned into a reality.

Door in the Eves shows how Patricia moves back to live in her childhood home and through the door in the eves finds herself confronted by an old friend. In The Eye of the Eagle, Amy has arranged to meet Duncan on Ben More, the highest hill on Mull. She is entranced as she watches a pair of eagles, and is late for her assignation. She pays the consequences for her late arrival.

Then we have The Fortune Teller at the village fete who tells Grace the name of her future suitor - things are not always as they seem though and some predictions really do come true. How Unfair is That tells of a pupil who cheated to pass her music exam, but later marries her music teacher and confesses ... and now she pays the price, every year on the same date.

Some people know exactly what they want from life - in I Want a Spanking, Sharon wants Phil because she's heard certain things about him that intrigue and excite her; however, events take an unexpected turn and Sharon gets all she ever dreamed of. In Whale Song, Bryony is enjoying a whale-watching expedition. Marine biologist Mark finds her a fascinated audience, letting her listen to the mammals' incredible songs. Nor does this turn out to be his only speciality, as Bryony happily discovers!

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